Friends of Hearst Pool believes one of the best options would be to locate the pool on the tennis court platform and change almost nothing at the soccer field level - an option we're calling Option 1 b (for better).

All, or nearly all, bioswale work to control runoff could happen on the Idaho Avenue cut-through space, and the soccer field level could be left virtually untouched.

Option 1better.jpg

The two existing tennis courts adjacent to the new pool would be preserved, and the third existing court would then serve as the footprint for the majority of the new pool. The area on the side could then encompass a shallow entrance to the pool and a kids area, as well as a lounge deck overlooking the fields.

This location could yield the following:

  • 6 x 25 yard lanes  (standardized DC DPR configuration for equipment and purchasing)
  • flexible lane and usage configurations
  • shallow entrance and child area
  • view overlooking the fields from the lounge deck area
  • two adjacent resurfaced tennis courts, making the site a true swim and tennis facility
  • no trees harmed in construction
  • green cover integrated into the lounge deck
  • picnic benches under the tall trees at field level serving as an informal picnic area


According to Tyrell Lashley, the Director of Aquatics for DC DPR, to accommodate that standard 6-lane, 25-yard layout, the footprints would be:

  • Pool:   approx 3/4 acre (or about the size of a tennis court) + any shallow entrance/kids area
  • Lounge Deck, Facilities:  flexible with no hard and fast requirements
  • Construction (including Pool and Deck footprints):  up to 2 acres, some of which may be restored after

In conversation with Friends of Hearst Pool, Lashley stated he believed the new pool could fit in the footprints described in the above diagram. 

Please contribute your design ideas by emailing Friends of Hearst Pool directly.