The Time To Get Involved Is Now

A number of key developments have made it clear that if supporters want a pool at Hearst to come to fruition, they're going to have to fight for it. If you are in favor of the project and can help in some capacity, please email Friends of Hearst Pool by clicking here

Also, please take the DGS/DPR public survey on the project. This is your chance to have your voice heard by the planner and politicians. Click here for the survey. (And click here to see the three options presented by DGS.)


Recent Developments Include: (see the News/Calendar tab above for the full list)

Mayor Bowser Made Told In Person of Opposition Views and Agrees To Meet with Opponents in Private

At the Cleveland Park Citizens Association meeting on November 17th, Mayor Bowser, who was in attendance, was made of opposition to the project during question time. The opponent's spokesperson stated he spoke for 120 families who live in close proximity to the project. No supporting voice for the project was heard by the mayor.  

Opponents Are Pushing To Move the Pool To Van Ness St. Behind the McDonalds

Despite the fact that all options presented by the city at the last public community meeting included a pool located at Hearst Park, in the intervening months since that meeting, opponents of the project have been meeting privately with numerous key elected officials and city personnel. A major push is on by them to get Ward 3's planned outdoor pool moved to a location behind the McDonalds on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Van Ness Street. Powerpoint decks outlining the proposal and rationale have been presented to a number of key decision-makers.

Private Meetings With Elected and Other City Officials and Opponents Have Occurred

Since the last public community meeting, the following private meetings have occurred:
1) Opponents have met with all of the at-large councilpersons and taken Council Chairman Phil Mendelson on a private tour of the park.
2) Opponents have met in private with Councilwoman Mary Cheh
3) ANC Representative David Dickinson and former ANC Representative Margie Siegel met with representatives from DGS and DPR and urged that "No Pool" be listed as an option on the community survey. The "No Pool" option was ultimately adopted and included in survey by DPS/DGR. (More on the survey below)
4) Opponents met with and gave a walk-through of the park to Phil Thomas, one of mayor Bowser's Ward 3 liaisons.

The DPS/DGR Hearst Pool Survey Is Now Live

On Wednesday, November 16th, the Department of General Services and the Department of Parks and Recreation went live with their Hearst Pool Survey. It is critical that your voice be heard. Please take 5 minutes and fill out the survey. The survey is available only until November 30, 2016.

The survey can be found by clicking here.

What You Can Do

- Email Friends of Hearst Pool and get involved.
- Take the DGS/DPR survey and share the link to your neighbors
- Write an Email or Call Councilwoman Mary Cheh, Mayor Bowser, at-large councilmembers and Jackie Stanley at DGS to express your support for the project. 
- Share the link to the petition with your neighbors.